EBH2 is a Swiss company located in Lausanne area which is working on Hydrogen solutions.

Together with a researcher that has dedicated his life to develop green Hydrogen technologies, EBH2 has found the solution to produce Hydrogen gas from any kind of water source with very low costs, no storage and very low energy consumption.
EBH2 is scalable with no limits. It can power a small domestic generator up to ships, factories, buildings, cryptocurrency mines with high energy consumption and even cities.

EBH2 is one of the solutions to reduce more than 15% the emissions for 2025.



Deliver affordable, clean and geographical available energy for everyone now and for future generations to come. Powering a Healthier Future is more than just a simple slogan, it represents what EBH2 pursues. It defines our existence and commitment. In the complex world we live in, basic services seem to be more of a luxury rather than a must have. The availability of energy concentrates in the big agglomerations, having increasingly higher costs and less options as you distance from the central areas. It is not only a matter of affordability, but also global pollution. EBH2 is committed with helping to down size the emission in the world, making it a better place to live in. By its operation and functionality, EBH2 will help both fight against desertification and reduce the water rise do to global warming. As well as assisting in stopping all the polluting mining and use of raw materials. EBH2 runs with any water source, so excess water shall be used to produce green energy. EBH2 has clear purpose: Make the world a better place to live. Join us and let us change the world together!


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